CEO Statement

Syed Abdullah Bukhari


In any achievement it is a team behind the scene, that is why I hold high opinion about them. Being well aware of the fact, brokerage in financial derivative markets is not the cup of tea of average professionals; it is a task of updated proficiency.
I sought for professional capability, commitment with sound moral values all alive.
It is their day for they have enriched the Enrichers. Besides having high professional qualification even now a perpetual grind of training session assessments, lectures are run to upgrade their professional expertise as to counter the trading needs a way ahead. I associate high hope for Pakistan particularly its fertility of land. Considering agricultural potential of our country we are also planning to introduce our cash crops Rice, Wheat, Sugar and Cotton to the International market on PMEX platform. I express regard and gratitude to our auspicious clients for their trust, their reputed feedback and word of mouth that build our goodwill in the market and making us achieved the Leading Broker Rank.