Egg a unique symbol of growth, discriminately holds diversified features when it occurs to be an egg and not a seed, that just buried in the earth asking nothing but
favorable weather, whereas eggs need hatching, a monitoring eye on, of care, of patience, of apprehensions and of hope.

Eggs proved to be great convertibles in currency, eggs such as these showcased in a basket over choice to be a pick and invite speculation. Proving bull when turns out to be the proverbial golden eggs and bear when the egg is bad. Piled in a basket seems ready for delivery or short selling, trading eggs from farms to market for a short term profits is scalping, while, holding a bit longer term for hatching is in the hope of more profit taking. Getting rid of rotten one is stopping loss to keep the rest safe.

Inscriptions on these eggs portray the proverb each egg has its fate, while you enjoy reading the inscriptions let us enjoy the experience of being Broker of Commodities. Enrichers is an achieving, struggling commodity Brokerage company whose next pursuit is to facilitate trading internationally alongside pulling international trading to domestic market on PMEX platform. This year book you are holding now will relate you the voyage of this crew the team members on whom the director is proud. He also takes pride in his worthy clients whom he categorize fondly seeing their experience, aptitude, risk appetite and concerned for their financial health. He seeks in his team, in his clients strength synchronized, sworn to enrich value of life. All they need, he says:

“You Need Customization.”