Research Team

Enrichers market researchers and traders in commodities, currencies and stocks have maintained an outstanding winning rate since our inception in December 2011. We pride ourselves for having the largest certified trading team among our peers. Our market research is managed individually by experts, since we base our trading strategies on experienced analysts Enrichers expert analysts employ both short and long term trading analysis and strategies catering to different types of trading and customize trading plans according to clients’ risk appetites. Our emphasis is on money management and risk management for the respective clients.
Our market research team also provides fund management services to our premium account holder clients. Enrichers market research and trading team consists of individuals who have closely observed the four seasons of this dynamic industry. This team is the heart and soul of the company and the remarkable growth achieved by the company in its early years of inception is a direct result of their collective efforts, co-ordination, professional dedication and unmatched experience.

David O’ Reilly – Lead Consultant

BBA (Finance) Berkley – USA
MBA (Finance) Stanford - USA

David is an expert analyst of macroeconomics and market shaping in geopolitical aspect with over 12 years of experience in

  • Regular critical analysis of market on mainstream media like Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN and Fox Business
  • Providing technical and fundamental analysis of daily financial markets movements
  • Writing articles focused on topical financial and economic issues
  • Delivering lectures across country
  • Regular trading webinars for clients
  • Providing technical analysis education
  • Provide market support to
     experienced traders
      private investors
      retail clients

Syed Abdullah Bukhari – CEO | Fund Manager

Member – National Risk Assessment (NRA) The World Bank
Certified Director – Code of Corporate Governance 2012 of SECP and ICMA

Mr. Syed Abdullah has 15 years of experience in domestic and international financial derivatives sector and fund management. His passion is providing our trading team with

  • Education on trading techniques
  • Understanding of market trends
  • Analysis of complex financial charts
  • Providing technical and fundamental commentary on the daily fluctuations in world markets

He is the Founder of Enrichers and group CEO of Enrichers Investment Group.

Muhammad Hassan Mehmood – Head of Centralized Trading Unit

Bachelor (Journalism) – University of Punjab
LLB (Law) University of Punjab

Muhammad Hassan has a unique distinction of heading and leading our Centralized Trading Unit from its inception. His experiences and expertise include

  • Certification from Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan as a stock & commodities broker, a subsidiary of SECP
  • Analysing global financial markets based on its interconnected matrix
  • Research and reports based on deep understanding of the ramifications of developments in a market and their potential impact on other tradable instruments
  • Provide client with
      market insights
      commentary on the major asset classes
      education on trading strategy

Arif Mustafa – Fund Manager

Chartered Accountant – ICAP
CFA Candidate

Mr. Arif is our Fund manager with an experience including

  • Over 18 years in Pakistan Stock Exchange
  • Over 5 years in Asset Management Industry
  • Managing funds across various strategies in both active and passive styles
  • Certified in “Fundamentals of Capital Markets” and “Financial Advisor” from Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP), a subsidiary of SECP

Shahzaib Namat – Sr. Commodity & Stocks Trader

Commodity Brokers’ Certification – Institute of Financial Markets Pakistan (A subsidiary of SECP)

Mr. Shahzaib is our senior commodity and stock trader with specialization in our premium services.

  • Certification from Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan as a stock & commodities broker, a subsidiary of SECP.
  • Manages premium services investment and trading portfolio
  • Maximizing the returns and managing the associated risks
  • Irreplaceable chartist and technical trading analyst