EIG, through its subsidiary Enri-Farms, is offering investments in agriculture, the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. We aim to create viable farming methods that will improve food security and alleviate poverty.

Sustainability in Pakistani Agriculture

EIG recognizes the crucial role of sustainable practices in ensuring the long-term viability of Pakistan’s agricultural sector. Our initiatives are designed to not only enhance productivity and economic gain but also to protect the environment and conserve precious resources for future generations.

Here’s how we integrate sustainability into our agricultural programs

Water Conservation

Smart irrigation techniques promoted through our smart agriculture initiatives like center pivot irrigation systems aim to optimize water usage, minimizing waste and ensuring long-term water security.

Soil Health

Encouraging practices like crop rotation and organic farming helps maintain soil fertility and reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers, leading to healthier crops and a more balanced ecosystem

Climate Resilience

Seed banking safeguards diverse and adaptable crop varieties, crucial for withstanding the challenges posed by climate change. Promoting drought-resistant crops further strengthens agricultural resilience.


Sustainable practices minimize the negative impact on natural habitats and wildlife, promoting a healthy and diverse agricultural landscape.

Smart Agriculture: Harnessing Technology for Productivity

  • EIG acknowledges the transformative power of smart agriculture technologies.
  • Integration of drones, sensors, and Al enables us to monitor crop health and optimize irrigation.
  • Customized cultivation techniques based on specific soil conditions promote efficiency, productivity, and a sustainable future for Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

Seed Banking: Safeguarding Food Security amidst Challenges

  • EIG invests in seed banking to address climate change and agricultural productivity challenges.
  • Seed banking involves collecting and storing essential crop seeds for long-term food security.
  • Preserving and protecting these seeds grants farmers access to resilient and adaptable crops.
  • Smart agriculture technologies will play a transformative role in Pakistan’s agriculture sector.
  • These technologies increase efficiency and productivity, ensuring a prosperous future for farmers.

Export-Oriented Cultivation: Connecting Pakistani Farmers to Global Markets

  • EIG acknowledges the vast potential of export-oriented cultivation for economic growth and job creation in Pakistan.
  • By prioritizing the cultivation of high-demand crops for the global market, we aim to generate foreign exchange and create employment opportunities within the agricultural sector.
  • This strategic approach benefits farmers and contributes to the overall development of the country.
  • Emphasis on growing crops with international demand allows for increased revenue and expansion of agricultural exports.

Grading in Produces: Ensuring Quality and Fair Compensation

  • EIG promotes the grading of agricultural products to ensure fair compensation for farmers’ hard work.
  • Focus on cultivating high-demand crops for the global market to generate foreign exchange and create job opportunities in the agriculture industry.
  • This initiative benefits both farmers and contributes to the overall growth of the nation.
  • Grading agricultural produces improves market value and enables fair pricing for farmers.

Corporate Dairy Farming: Enhancing Efficiency in Dairy Production

  • EIG demonstrates its commitment to sustainable agriculture through strategic investments in corporate dairy farming.
  • Large-scale dairy cow raising aims to enhance productivity in the dairy industry.
  • EIG implements best practices and cutting-edge methods to ensure a steady supply of high-quality milk.
  • Meeting consumer demands for dairy products while supporting the economic viability of dairy farmers.
  • Sustainable agriculture practices and investment in corporate dairy farming drive productivity, quality, and economic growth in the dairy industry.

Livestock: Improving Productivity for Food and Livelihoods

  • EIG focuses on increasing livestock output, acknowledging its significance as a source of food and income for many Pakistanis.
  • Promoting livestock welfare and implementing improved breeding practices, better feed, and enhanced healthcare procedures for farmers.
  • This investment aims to maximize harvests, improve livelihoods, and enhance food security in the long term.

Meat Export (Future Plan): Tapping into Growing Global Market

  • EIG envisions Pakistan as a significant player in the meat export market, aiming to address the growing global demand for meat.
  • Strategic investments in infrastructure and capacity will facilitate easier meat exports.
  • By meeting international demand for meat, EIG contributes to the growth and development of Pakistan’s agricultural sector.
  • The vision is to establish Pakistan as a reputable and competitive exporter in the global meat market, fostering economic prosperity and driving agricultural advancements.

Corporate Farming (Mudarabah): Collaboration for Agricultural Efficiency

  • EIG explores the potential of corporate farming (Mudarabah) to enhance agricultural productivity in Pakistan.
  • Corporate farming involves partnerships between capital investors (Silent Partner or Rabb-ul-mal) and labor contributors (Working Partner or Mudarib).
  • This approach aims to boost agricultural productivity and efficiency while ensuring fair profit sharing.
  • Providing an Islamic financial plan for investors to participate in farming activities encourages technology adoption and sustainable growth.
  • Corporate farming facilitates better resource utilization, improved technology integration, and increased agricultural production in a sustainable manner.

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