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There is always a Bid for an Ask

Enrichers Business Brokerage is a division of Enrichers Investment Group (EIG) business ecosystem, connecting buyers and sellers, providing services in industrial and institutional businesses.

Enrichers B2B has pioneered a new platform and became operational as the freshly minted Business Brokerage firm after picturing the glaring gap between the actual number of business brokerage companies present in Pakistan and the number of brokerage companies providing an integrated set of related services. We aim to provide a client enrichment experience from the initiation stage to the execution stage under one platform. Enrichers B2B specializes in mergers & acquisitions, franchising, buying & selling of business stakes, and business intermediaries. Our highly skilled brokers boast a great diversity of expertise in accountancy, manufacturing, distribution, international trade, finance, and small & large businesses to offer a complete brokerage ecosystem across Pakistan. We have an extensive network of thousands of clients with a fine-grained understanding of our prospect’s financial health that has a Pygmalion effect on EIG’s growth trajectory, profitability, and corporate reputation. Enrichers B2B business interests are focused on benefitting its mother company and its strategic partners within the Enrichers B2B eco-system. Our team of experts is accustomed to the dynamics of the market, knows who’s buying what and who’s got resources, simultaneously matching bids with asking after complete business valuation, need assessment, and legal due diligence. Most importantly, our research-minded brokers have many years of business sales experience that commensurate to fulfill untapped clients’ needs.

Enrichers business brokerage aims to provide client enrichment experience from initiation stage to the execution stage. Our business experts are accustomed to the dynamics of market, know who’s buying what and who’s got resources, simultaneously matching bid with ask after complete business valuation, need assessment, and legal due diligence.

Mergers & Acquisition

We offer a virtual warehouse of opportunities. With a dedicated team of professionals specializing in large transactions, we offer a merger of two companies (where two companies collaborate as equity partners to create a new) and acquisition (where one company purchases another, characteristically larger one). We offer great support depending on the need of your business. The consolidation of entities by way of merger or acquisition enables an organization to strengthen and offer the best fit. From developing a strategy to closing and integration, we ensure that both parties stay focused on the ultimate goal and smooth over any specific challenge if it arises.

Buy & Sell Business

With Enrichers Investment Group, control your financial future by buying or selling your company. Our success and reputation as a market leader come from our unique approach to marketing and selling businesses. Our experts will help you find the best match for your need.

Franchise Brokerage

We offer franchise brokerage from a vast franchise landscape. Buying a franchise business carries risk; by choosing our exclusive services, you can mitigate the risk. We help you screen through the opportunities, seamlessly provide reliable services knowing the industry-wide rules and regulations, precise algorithms armed with real-time experience.

Business Valuation

Pricing a business is challenging, especially if you don’t know how other businesses are being priced and presented to potential buyers? We have experience and intimate knowledge of valuing businesses that are priced in relationship to industry, location, operational strength and financial history. We protect your investment in the business by placing the proper value on your business, finding the right buyer, getting you the best price possible, protecting the confidentiality of the deal, handling all negotiations, ensuring that all transactions are legal.

Equity Stake & Start-Up Funding

We provide exclusive services in acquiring stakes in the business you are looking for. There are private equities and global funds in our alliance to initiate new ventures.

Investment Broker in Pakistan

We work as an intermediary where we provide a professional gateway of investments to our clients across Pakistan. With EIG, you can get the best financial deals without any hassle. Keeping alongside the latest market trends, we aim to provide expertise in investments built to last.

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