Who became the beneficiary of the murder? 70% fall in Crude Oil, 40% fall in GBP, 25% fall in Euro, almost 40% fall in all global stocks. The nucleus controlling the financial markets is ‘USD’ so is the inclusive beneficiary of crises.

Now those who publish dollars, own dollars or have major reserves of dollars have almost doubled their buying-power in just last few weeks time. Yes, I am one of those who believe in the conspiracy theory carrying a horrifying proposition; that the Coronavirus was invented, this bio-weapon was engineered, nurtured, and spread across the globe.For the sake of few trillion dollars, bull sentiments were created and short positions wereinitiated. For the lust of infinite money and power markets were aughtered to gain controls on earth. With whom these rare humans trade with? It is the actual spiritual dimensions of this conspiracy; they bow down to Iblees (Satan), they have to give what Iblees wants i.e. in return they spread Kufr (fear of ghair Allah), diffuse slavery, inject hopelessness thus Iblees became the primary beneficiary post the ones who enjoy ommand over the world.

Let me bring the relegated reality on the front pages again. Partly, few private people designed this conspiracy in 1913 and Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of America was incorporated. U.S. dollar fixed value against gold, under the Bretton Woods Agreement of fixed exchange rates in 1944; an ounce of gold was set equal to 35 USD. The contract was activated to stock tons and tons of gold from all over the map against paper money (dollar).On this account, agents of Iblees established dominance on the global economy. The agreement brought forth the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), who are exercising as a leech for the world economy since then. The Vietnam War in 1955, led to raise inflation that gradually deteriorated the overvaluation of dollar. Gold depositors started demanding their gold back after witnessing dollar depreciation. Banking systems having a notorious record of confiscating real wealth declared that gold depositors would no longer exchange USD for gold on these rates hence betrayed all major currencies and announced free float of exchange. This issue transpired and thus exposed the plot behind the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, Bretton Woods Agreement, World Bank, IMF and United Nation.

The architects of this conspiracy are Zionist Jews; non-biological offspring of Iblees, the ones who gave dollar this feudal status to create the control on the world in attempt of owning a state in Palestine (Israel) wherefrom they would rule the world led by their Messiah. Zionist Jews and Neocon Christians, is a staunchly conspiratorial body controlling White House. It carries a long dark history of instigating wars and assassinating string of leaders around the world.Over the decades, it has deployed extensive tools to gain momentum, from crash of stock markets in the Great Depression (1929) to Financial Crisis that led to Great Recession (2008), to Gold/Silver bullish trends in Soviet-Afghanistan War (1979) to declining markets due to controlled demolitions 9/11 attack followed by assassination of Osama-bin-Ladin, dollar kept its claws clenched on the global economy. One of the greatest gimmicks among all is institutionalizing of petro-dollarsystem, after Bretton Woods greement fell down, U.S. struck deal with Saudi Arabia to standardize oil prices in dollar terms.Through petro-dollar, U.S. dollar elevated to world’s reserve currency and enjoys persistent trade deficit. Under sanctions, recently Iran wasn’t allowed to sell crude oil in normal circumstances and Iran had beensmuggling oil on half of the rates for it economic survival. But now since oil is already below 25 USD in open markets, would Iran be exporting at 12 USD now? Obviously it cannot sell lower than their cost of production. This can crest very serious and long term economic crises on Iran and oil producing countries.For the same reason Saddam Hussain and many leaders were assassinated in the past that resisted selling their crude oil against dollar. Zionist Jews and Neocon Christians in guise of United States planted WW1 and WW2 and till now are making drama out of everything to completely destroy world economies, and by paralyzing the economies rushed cleverly to their rescue, signing of NATO treaty, Call to Action on Debt of IDA countries are examples that demonstrate shrewd moves to amplify grip on the world by IMF. As it is rightly said by Lord Acton that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All these chain of incidents reveals power, control and money of these private agents. They control the financial markets by investing in certain assets therefore create circumstances accordingly to capitalize it. Their each premeditated move is making them wealthier, powerful and influential.

This bloodshed for power and money doesn’t glue to geo-political or economy supremacy but falls in spiritual war too. This devilish breed ultimate goal is not only creating one body of government for the world and one currency but they also want to attain spiritual triumph. For their hoax of bringing about a Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem where their Messiah would come, they want to destroy collective spiritual energies created by Muslims specifically in Mecca and Madina. Thus finance, businesses, technology, science, territory are small chapters the big game actually revolves around Khair vs Shur. Iblees is manipulating all these people to spread Shur. Almost every Prophet warned that in end times there will be evil forces of deception – Dajjal. These Zionist Jews perhaps become so influential that they will get control over entire global economy and food chain. attributes, Rub-ul-Aalameen. Unfortunately, there is no civilization on earth at present which follows Allah’s Shariat (commandments). All economies of the world have slumped into black-market of Riba (interest, sood). Whereas, Allah’s code of conduct commands Zakat; which strikes a balance in the society.

Allah says in Qura’n;

“As for those who devour interest, they behave as the one whom Satan has confounded with his touch.” (2:275).

Injecting a new wave of reformist Islam on pretext of modernism is the current weapon of Zionist Jews, Neocon Christians and some disguised as Muslims, testament to this is the opening of so-called ‘Halal Night Clubs’ in Saudi Arabia that is violating the Islamic identity and traditions. The one who reads Qur’an knows that these are the evidence/signs for people of understanding. Dirham and Dinar, gold and silver are the real wealth having their intrinsic value within them. In Qura’n and Hadith, Dirham and Dinar are mentioned as Allah’s currency.If it had been the same system there would have been no human-controlling mechanism. Creating feudalism of dollar, immobilizing the global economies, plotting ways to halt the Muslim’s collective spiritual energies are all man-made conspiracies. Allah has mentioned stories of perished nations in Qur’an; he explained his Azaab and Azmaaish. These calamities indicate his wrath, Allah has exempted devil to manipulate us and as punish created fear and hunger among us. Before Allah seal our hearts, and close the doors of guidance we should realize to turn to Allah for His mercy.

Syed Abdullah Bukhari
Group CEO
Enrichers Investment Group

(Mr. Bukhari is a compassionate, resilient and result-driven professional having more than 15 years of experience in domestic & international financial derivatives, fund management, and real estate industry. He is currently heading as the Group CEO at Enrichers Investment Group. Accredited for being result driven, he is a believer that one should never settle for less and there is always best to come.)


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