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Your personal data is important to us, and we want to make sure you know how we use and protect it. Personal data is information that either identifies you or is about you as an individual.

In this privacy policy note, “we”, “us” or “our”, refers to the Enrichers Investment Group or legal entity operating under the Enrichers Investment Group brand you interact with either directly or indirectly that processes your personal data and decides how it is collected and used. Enrichers Investment Group means each of, or collectively, Enrichers Investment Group, its subsidiaries and affiliates, including each branch or representative office. Please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ section of this privacy notice for details of the relevant Enrichers Investment Group member(s) providing this privacy notice.

Some of our affiliates’ websites have their own brand identity and their own separate privacy notices to provide relevant information for specific products and services they provide. You should refer to the relevant privacy notices as directed by those affiliates in relation to how they use your personal data. This privacy notice does not apply to third-party websites where our online advertisements are displayed or to linked third-party websites we do not operate or control.

We shall update this privacy notice from time to time. You can find the current version date listed at the end of this privacy notice. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (you can find our details under ‘Contact us’).

We take the privacy and security of your personal data very seriously. To protect your data, we have put in place a range of appropriate technical, physical and organisational measures to safeguard and keep your personal data confidential, for example, by using contracts with appropriate confidentiality, data protection and security terms in our arrangements with third parties. Enrichers Investment Group has implemented information security data privacy policies, including incident management and reporting procedures, rules and technical measures to protect personal data and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. We train and require staff who access your personal data to comply with our data privacy and security standards. We require our service providers, or other third parties we engage with and to whom we disclose your personal data to implement similar confidentiality, data privacy and security standards and measures when they handle, access or process your personal data.

We may use the personal data we collect to conduct data analytics, including profiling and behavioral analysis, to make quicker automated decisions in our business operations and to evaluate your personal characteristics to predict outcomes and risks. We require that rules followed by such automated systems are designed to make fair and objective decisions. We may use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help improve our communications and client experience, make our business operational processes safer and more efficient and enable us to provide faster responses and improve turnaround time.

We may sometimes, and with your consent by providing additional privacy notice information as required by applicable law, use your contact details to send you relevant marketing communications (such as by post, email, telephone, SMS, WhatsApp or social media) for direct marketing purposes.

We may send the following types of communications (unless you have informed us that you do not wish to receive such communications):

News, offers and promotions about our or other Enrichers Investment Group products and services

  1. Market research and customer satisfaction surveys
  2. Appeals by us or relevant third parties for charitable and/or non-profit making donations, sponsorships and contributions; and
  3. Information and communication relating to our or relevant third-party seminars, webinars and other relevant events or opportunities.
  4. We may conduct market research using demographic and insights analytics by aggregating the personal data that we hold about you to provide you with marketing communications, which are more relevant and tailored for you.

You may withdraw your consent or opt-out from receiving such marketing communications in accordance with your rights by contacting us using the details in the ‘Contact us’.

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